Schedule Importance

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Name: Saleem-ul-haq
ID: 5252
Corse Title: Writing Skills
Corse Code: 9117
Log Journal Assignment: Topic # 1
Submitted to: Sir Yousuf Sharjeel

“Change your life today. Do not gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”
Life of a human is full of many tasks. He has to achieve all tasks on time. Since childhood, we are said to be on time otherwise teacher punishes us. When we enter in professional life, we are again said to be punctual this time life punishes us. Time schedule basically a plan for performing work or achieving an objective in allotted time. Most of people either professional or student face troubles to accomplish the work or project, If we all plan before start the work it will easier to achieve. Sometime many
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Make strategies to achieve your task, act upon them and see the difference. It really works. Words:
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