Scheduling of the Central Security Checkpoint Essays

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Date 11/10/2013

42401 Project Assignment 1
Scheduling of the Central Security Checkpoint

GAMS and Excel
This report has been generated using GAMS as the solver and then Excel to process and visualize the results.

In GAMS, two sets has been used. One set for the shifts, and another for the timeslots. Since in GAMS it is not allowed to have “.” or “,” in a set name, the timeslots has been denoted 4:30=45.
A file which holds all the parameters has been generated, named parameters.gms. In this file all the data such as a shift cost, the time shift table etc. is present.
Part 1 - Basic model for decision support
Question 1
Which benefits and drawbacks of
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This reduction is a result of only using 71 employees.
Question 7
Which challenges would you anticipate if PlanAir wishes to implement the solution using fewer than 75 employees?

PlanAir would have to fire employees since they won’t be needed anymore.
PlanAir also have to consider that by having less people in their workforce they won’t be as flexible.
PlanAir would be more sensitive to deviations from the forecasted demand.
Also the Union might intervene if contracts are not followed
Part 3 - Over and Understaffing
Question 8
Change the formulation from Question 5 to include over- and understaffing.

In the above, cot and cut are the costs of over- or understaffing in timeslot t. xt+ (xp(t) in GAMS file) and xt- (xm(t) in GAMS file) are the deviational variables that represents the amount of employees over- or understaffed.

Question 9
Suggest appropriate values for cot and cut. Why did you decide on these values?

The formula already attempts to minimize the total cost and as such, increased salary costs are already penalized.
In order to find the correct price for understaffing it was decided to look at what effects the staff at work had on the queue.
By taking the demand and subtracting the staff at work during the specific timeframes we generate a visual representation of how the queue changes
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