Schema for analyzing social welfare programs

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University of the West Indies Soci 2023- Social Policy and Administration I Unit 3- A framework for understanding social welfare policy Discussion Question Ralph Dolgoff and Ronald Feldstein proposed a schema for examining Welfare programs in their text, Understanding Social Welfare: A search for social justice. This schema gives three basic areas under which these programs could be examined. These areas are that of structural components, alternative program characteristics and ways to evaluate the program. All of the aforementioned areas will be examined in this paper, in relation to a local Social Welfare program - The Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme. Structural Components Dolgoff and Feldstein highlight five (5)…show more content…
According to Dolgoff and Feldstein, residual/ minimalist programmes are based on the premise that an individual’s need should be met through market economy and through family and therefore these types of programs are seen as temporary . Residual programmes are basically seen as a type of back up for the occasions when an individual is unable to meet his/ her needs through the intuitions regarded as responsible for these needs. Another characteristic of residual or minimalist programmes is that the programme should be withdrawn as soon as the individual is able to once again utilize the family and market economy to acquire their needs. The Conditional Cash Transfer Programme – CCTP, exemplifies these characteristics and so is a residual or minimalist programme.. This is so because its main purpose is to provide temporary food assistance to vulnerable persons and families with limited or no income. One condition of this service is that the recipient of the service has to undergo skills training which facilitates gainful employment. This condition is stipulated in order to facilitate recipients gradually moving off the programme. Recipients will not be allowed to remain on the programme for more than two years, unless otherwise advised. Secondly the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme displays the characteristics of a selective program. That is, the eligibility of its potential clients is based upon the
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