Scheme of Work

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Schemes of Work Schemes of Work (SoW) refer to guidelines designed to make the teaching of subjects more manageable. They provide supporting information about planning and teaching the subjects and form important documentary evidence about course delivery. However, SoW are also extremely flexible teaching guides that can be moulded to take account of local teaching needs and resources. There is no set method for developing schemes. Colleges that responded to requests for information whilst researching this article approached SoW in their own way. All were agreed on the importance of accurate schemes to guide subject delivery. One respondent compared SoW to a ?road map of a journey?. Many colleges incorporate the need to develop and make…show more content…
Points arising from these issues are relevant to most subject areas. For example, in world history, it is important to be able to empathise with alternative views and not just Eurocentric ones. Ethical issues are relevant to science, particularly when considering what the limits of research should be. SoW can be used to ensure that all these issues are part of course delivery. The widespread use of ICT for teaching and learning should help to enhance key skills in IT. SoW should also define learner outcomes. This refers to the knowledge and understanding the learner should have acquired at the end of a session. It is necessary to do this so as to make sure that learning objectives have been achieved, that the teaching methods are effective and to determine whether the learner is ready to move on. Some teaching resources, such as video players and interactive whiteboards, are in limited supply. SoW can be used as team planning tools to share the use of resources. In order to maximise the efficient use of limited resources, it is good practice for SoW not to be too restrictive about dates, because then the slightest change can make the whole scheme redundant. How should SoW be constructed? A meaningful scheme should, therefore, say something about the learning objective, learning activities and learner outcome. How should this information be presented? In simple terms,
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