Schemener's Process Matrix

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SCHEMENER’S PROCESS MATRIX | Degree of Interaction and Customisation | | LOW | HIGH | Degree of Labour Intensity | LOW | Car wash company having 200 franchise | Courier services | | | Low-cost airline | | | | Mobile phone service provider | Automobile repair garage | | | Private bus service plying between Mumbai and Nasik with 24 buses (40-seater each) | Rent-a-car agency having 100 cars | | | Casino General Entertainment Broadcasting Channel (Capital Investment of $ 2,000 million, Salaries of Rs 600 million p.a.) Amusement park (Disney type) | | | | | | | HIGH | | Recruitment agency | | | Fast food joint, having…show more content…
* Managing demand to avoid peaks& falls * Yield management: Consumers should be given more options to spend money like cafeterias, souvenir shops etc. The management should focus on increasing “per visitor spend” * Making Service warm * Attention to physical surrounding * Effective utilization of all the invested resources for maximizing the returns. Quadrant 2: LOW DEGREE OF LABOUR INTENSITY AND HIGH DEGREE OF INTERACTION & CUSTOMIZATION Rent-a-car agency having 100 cars Few of the issues that company would encounter and should have competencies in place: * Should be able cater to the different needs of the customer(for example number of passenger seats or AC/NON AC cars * Latest technology cars should be bought because capital investment is high * Managing demand and capacity during peak seasons * Provide promotional offers during off peak seasons A Courier Service Company Few of the issues that company would encounter and should have competencies in place: * Delivery person should be polite * Timely delivery * Undamaged package * In case of delays the delivery person should be able to explain to the customer An Automobile Repair

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