Schindler's List Reaction Paper

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There are too many people who claim that the Holocaust never happened, that the stories we hear are the clever fabrications of the media. Speilberg created for us a fabulous movie to dispute this theory. Too many of us remember all too well the effect it had on those close to us. Too many of us had family members who barely escaped the atrocities that were to occur.
Too many of us lost family members to the dreams of a genius and a madman. This movie is the story of a few who lived through the Holocaust, and the man who listened to his heart instead of the money in his pocket and the propaganda floating around him.
The story starts out with the humiliation of the Jews, continuing on until they are eventually carted off to various labor
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When the Auschwies came, they began to almost instinctively knit themselves into groups, for protection, and for community. The need for a feeling of community is an almost instinctual one, for without the group, how can we communicate. One can easily argue that God has created us with a need for community. However, looking statistically at the picture here, we can see that one has a much better chance of surviving if one has support from a group.
Another level of communication which should be looked at is the area of cultural diversity in the movie. Obviously, there is a definite gap between the German and Jewish people, differences in language, religion, beliefs, and goals. We have a group of people who have been led to believe in their own superiority over all other races against a group who has known constant hardship, perpetual subjugation, and cultural exile. Communication boundaries are obviously going to develop in this situation, as people are going to be unwilling to look outside of their own world view if they feel that they are superior to all others.
Another question would be in the area of ethics, and how it effected communication. Although Schindler eventually went selfless, and went at his objective specifically to save the Jews, he was an opportunist as well. Before he made this decision, he used the Jews specifically for slave labor, to make money at the expense of someone else?s effort. During this

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