Schindler's List by Steven Spielberg

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Good morning/afternoon, today I will be analysing a scene from Steven Spielberg’s master piece film Schindler’s List. Movie extraordinaire Steven Spielberg, who is a world renown director of countless memorable films, show cases his incredible skill and compelling power towards the audience, without using any dialogue in the most pivotal character development scene in Schindler’s List. Referred too, by the audience as ‘The girl in red’.
Before I delve in to the depths of this scene and why it is so significant to the film, it is important I outline the story of Schindler’s list. This film is all about Oskar Schindler; a successful business man, womanizer and member of the Nazi party. A true story, about a man making a living using Jewish workers in factories, producing anything from pots and pans too brass tank ammunition shells, during the height of WW2. Throughout the start of the film Schindler’s humanity is questionable leaving to audience to ponder whether or not he is a hero or just another Nazi using the Jewish people as an easy and free work force. This all changes about a third of the way through the film, when the audience witnesses our questionable hero’s fundamental change of heart for his Jewish working force and as discovered later on in the film, he spends more money than he can make trying to save them.
What the audience witnesses, is of course the scene I am analysing. During a horse ride with Schindler’s partner, he stops on top of a hill looking down on a

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