Schizophrena in Divided Minds by Pamela Spireo Wagner and Sarolyn S. Spiro

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Divided Minds is a powerful, heart wrenching memoir written by two twin sisters, Pamela Spiro Wagner and Carolyn S. Spiro about their journey through schizophrenia. Early on in their lives, Pamela is seen as the dominant and more outgoing twin. Pamela was creative, social, and intellectually bright. Carolyn often felt like she lived in the shadow of Pamela and could not quite measure up. When the girls were in the sixth grade, the first symptoms of Pamela’s future disorder appeared when the news of President Kennedy’s assassination broke and Pamela thought that she was somehow involved and to blame for his death. She begins to hear voices that would haunt her for years and her condition worsens throughout her adolescence. Pamela and Carolyn both attended Brown University and while Carolyn flourished in school, Pamela became moody and depressed. During their freshman year, Pamela’s episodes of irrationality become more extreme and she became very withdrawn. She has her first major breakdown and overdosed on sleeping pills. This was the beginning of the numerous hospitalizations and sessions with psychiatrists that would soon become a huge part of her life. Carolyn went on to Harvard Medical School and ironically made a very successful career in psychiatry for herself. Strangely enough, even with Carolyn’s medical knowledge, Pamela was not diagnosed with schizophrenia until she was in her mid-twenties. Family and friends just thought that Pamela was unconventional,

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