Schizophreni A Devastating Psychotic Disorder

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Could you imagine waking up one day realizing you not only lost everything you thought you once had, but realizing they never existed? Schizophrenia is a “Devastating psychotic disorder that may involve characteristic disturbances in thinking, perception, speech, emotions, and behavior.” (Barlow & Durand, 2015, 2012). Meaning that it’s a mental disorder that completely allows your mind to be in an altered state, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between the real truth and the truth they have come up with. If you are anything like me, its hard to fully grasp the idea that your mind has these capabilities, with the help of the movie “A Beautiful Mind” it allows us to see this disorder in action.
This film shows how drastic the range of many symptoms schizophrenia can have, but it also take a spin on the concept and gives people dealing with this disorder a sense of hope to one day with the proper treatment, they can return to society. The main character of this movie is a man whose name is John Nash, who will soon be known as the founder of game theory. He is the main character because he changes the face of Schizophrenia. It is uncertain as to why his disorder was triggered in the movie, but we do know stress made it a million times harder to mask. This is where his story begins. The film does a great job of introducing the typical symptoms of this mental disorder , from the social awkwardness of John all the way to his known ways of isolation leaving him
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