Schizophreni An Acute And Critical Mental Illness Essay

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Schizophrenia is an acute and critical mental illness that impacts how a person perceives, feels, and acts. Signs of schizophrenia generally begins between adolescence and middle age adulthood. According to Robins, & Regier(1991) the manifestation of schizophrenia descends into three brackets cognitive, negative, and positive. The cognitive traits of schizophrenia are feeble, but for others, they are more bleak and patients may notice changes in their memory or other aspects of thinking. Negative traits are linked with disruptions to standard emotions and actions whereas, Positive traits include, delusions, hallucinations, and adverse thought disorder. Traditionally, the detection of schizophrenia has contingent on the existences of behavioral phenomena evaluated by way of behavioral monitoring and patient symptomatic disclosure. However, it is still debatable how best to expound schizophrenia in order to further etiologic testing.Therefore, I would create a comprehensive framework of assessment for schizophrenia that includes ruling out other other mental health disorder and making sure reported symptoms are not due to a pre existing medical condition, substance abuse, or medication. All things consider a comprehensive framework of assessing schizophrenia should included a physical exam, psychiatric evaluation, and imaging studies. More specifically, I would adhere to the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia by using the criteria set forth by the diagnostic and

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