Schizophreni The Disease Within Male Young Adults

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Mental disorders has been around since mankind ever existed. Schizophrenia was first diagnosed and identified by a German physician, Dr. Emil Kraepelin. Kraepelin discovered the disease within male young adults. At first, the disease was named "dementia praecox". Then, a Swiss psychiatrist, Eugene Bleuler changed the name to schizophrenia. Both Bleuler and Kraepelin subdivided schizophrenia into categories and discovered positive and negative symptoms. Schizophrenia is a brain disease that interferes with normal brain functioning. It causes patients to have irrational thought and behavior. The disease alters understanding, feeling and cognitive skills. Having a disorder to think diminishes the ability to think logically and clearly (Baier). The disease shows incapability to participate in conversation and contribute to the patient 's family, friends, and society. Delusion is also experienced by patients which make them believe that people may be conspiring against them. Also patients may hear voices warning them of danger telling them what to do. Schizophrenia commonly starts in the adolescence, between late fifteen to twenty-five years of age for men and between twenty to thirty years of age for women. Schizophrenia is very rare to children (Dyer). However, schizophrenia can occur to children younger than fourteen years of age. Many researchers have also concluded that schizophrenia takes time to happen, but can also occur rapidly. Schizophrenia starts at prodromal

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