Schizophreni The Typical Age Of Onset

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An important topic we discussed in class is schizophrenia. The typical age of onset in schizophrenia is during the individual’s mid-20s, but symptoms can start appearing during their late teens until their early 30s (Vernon, 2015). Additionally, only 1% of the population are diagnosed with schizophrenia, regardless of their gender or demographic background, which is a unique aspect compared to other diagnoses. Numerous studies, conducted under a variety of biological etiologies, serve as evidence for schizophrenia. Theses studies include: family studies, twin studies, adoption studies, linkage studies, pregnancy studies, and viral infections studies (Vernon, 2015), but the most dominant is that of identical twins as they have a high concordance rate of 48% (Cromer 479). This means that identical twins (monozygotic twins) have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia compared to fraternal twins (dizygotic twins). Additionally, neurochemistry studies examined that people with schizophrenia have more dopamine receptors, especially D-2 receptors, causing them to have “problems [with] attention, perception, and thought” (Cromer 481). This is known as the dopamine hypothesis which is important because researchers initially thought that it was too much dopamine that led to schizophrenia, but numerous studies verified that this idea was false and rather, that it was an overactive dopamine system that produced more dopaminergic activity. Specifically, through drug testing,…
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