Schizophreni The Use Of Family Intervention In A Beautiful Mind

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If you like drama, romance, and suspense then “A Beautiful Mind” is the move for you. A Beautiful Mind is a tale of a man by the name of John Forbes Nash Jr., who is lost in a world of fancies, not beginning able to distinguish reality from actuality. The film started in the late 1940’s in the conference room on the campus of Princeton University where John started as graduate student studying mathematics. He was a persistent and determined young man who always stayed focus on his goal. He never allow peer pressure to control his perspectives on live because he believed that he was in school only to be successful at his craft (math). As the film proceed the author introduced another character by the name of Charles Herman whom I assumed to…show more content…
Humanistic theory that focuses on the individual in client- centered therapy. The therapist is able to perceive the client as they see themselves and are able to feel empathy towards the client. As far as schizophrenia, the humanistic approach would be to help the client though the stress, thoughts, and feelings that they feel. Although, it is uncertain what exactly causes schizophrenia, scientists generally believe that it is a combination of genetics and environmental factors (Health R. B., 2017). There are two interventions that I will use in Johns case one will be family intervention. Family intervention involves a series of therapy sessions with the individual with schizophrenia and the family and friends involved in the life of the client. Studies have shown that positive benefits of a strong support network are particularly beneficial to help people to cope with symptoms of schizophrenia (Chow, 2015). This invention will be beneficial in John’s case because he and his family and friends have been distant and family is said to be the most vital part of recover. Another would have to be psychotherapy. This intervention is usually recommended in addition to medication. Psychotherapy not can help the client maintain medications but can help them regain social learning and occupational skills. In John’s case this would help him regain the skills necessary for him to gain employment back in to the university (Chow,…show more content…
He explains eight developmental stages in which physical, cognitive, instinctual, and sexual changes combine to trigger an internal crisis whose resolution results in either psychosocial regression or growth and the development of specific virtues (Erikson, 2012). Since studies show that the develop of schizophrenia around the ages of 16 through 30 and John was in graduate school at the time of development it is safe to say that he was in his 20’s. In Erikson eight stages of development John is in stage six of the eight stages of development which is intimacy versus isolation. Erikson stated that a person who, as a result of sever disturbances in the earliest dyadic relationships, fails to develop a basic sense of trust or the virtue of hope may be predisposed as an adult to the profound withdrawal and regression characteristic of schizophrenia (Erikson, 2012). Due to earlier difficulties in development intimacy versus isolation may be impacted by schizophrenia in adulthood. Since this stage is contributed to love it is obvious that John is having problems in this stage (Reitan, 2013). Due to the development of schizophrenia at an early stage in the lifespan development it is easy to say the people with schizophrenia will need support during the later stages of development to ensure that they will be able to continue with developmental skills and wellness (Reitan,

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