Schizophrenia: A Great Illness

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Schizophrenia is a brain disease; Schizophrenia’s main problem is with insanity. What is Insanity? Webster’s dictionary states it as “A deranged state of the mind occurring as a specific disorder (as Schizophrenia) (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 646).” The definition of insanity is closely related to schizophrenia described as a disorder. When having schizophrenia one's behavior and thinking change dramatically. One’s behavior might contain several signs as loss of personal contact, social withdrawal, diminution of appetite, depletion of hygiene, delusions and hallucinations are just to name a few. Individuals with schizophrenia many times have no outward appearance of looking ill. In another case, a paranoid schizophrenic would…show more content…
The overall symptoms of schizophrenia vary from one another. It may sound strange but there are positive symptoms as well as negative symptoms. One problem with schizophrenia is that it is difficult to have a job and socialize with friends. Also having schizophrenia one may experience sorrow, concern and have thoughts of suicide or have suicidal behaviors. In the beginning schizophrenia starts out slow one may experience symptoms as irritability, have trouble concentrating or difficulty sleeping. As the disease progresses one has trouble thinking as well as behavioral and emotional problems arise. (“Schizophrenia”) To diagnose schizophrenia there are no medical tests to prove one has schizophrenia. But a psychiatrist or shrink will be able to assess a patient to make a complete diagnosis. The diagnosis is made up with different tests for one the discussion from the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist basically asks questions to the patient to get a better understanding of whether the patient is mentally sane. Here are some questions the psychiatrist will ask one-- how long has one had the symptoms, tell me a little about one's family history and genetics, is one on any medication and if so what medications are working for one. The second test would be a blood test to check if one is presumed normal. The third test would be a brain scan to further question if one has schizophrenia. (“Schizophrenia”) There are various treatments for schizophrenia which can be prescribed
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