Schizophrenia: A Private World

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What exactly is schizophrenia? “Schizo,” meaning split and “phrenia,” meaning mind, most people think it is just that. On the contrary, it is not a splitting of the mind, or personality, but rather a splitting from reality. This split is characterized by all sorts of delusions, hallucinations and inappropriate behaviors. Someone living with schizophrenia essentially lives in their very own private world. The term schizophrenia, however, does not refer to just one disorder but actually multiple disorders that are similar and different in their own ways. Schizophrenia is very complex and makes it hard to discern from what is and isn’t real. To begin, one has to understand schizophrenia. The symptoms of this brain disorder are numerous. There are two types of symptoms that come with being schizophrenic: positive and negative. To clarify, positive does not mean good and negative bad. Positive, in this case, means that symptoms are present. Negative, then, means that there is an absence of normal symptoms. Continuing, positive symptoms are characterized by many things. Firstly, thinking becomes broken and the mind is twisted and warped with false beliefs. People become delusional and paranoid that someone is following and threatening them. Secondly, emotions become mixed and jumbled up. Where most people would laugh, someone with schizophrenia might cry or get angry. The same thing may happen, vice versa. Thirdly, the most common, and most commonly known symptoms
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