Schizophrenia And Its Effects On People On A Daily Basis

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There are many disorders throughout the world that affect people on a daily basis. They are life altering and life changing. They affect how a person can function on a normal level of life.I know, you’re thinking who defines what is normal in life anyway? But for the purpose of understanding schizophrenia; normal is anything that deviates from the socially accepted way of conducting one’s self. The person affected by this disorder is drifting away from reality and, at the same time, drifting away from who they have been their whole life.
It has been stated that schizophrenia plays a very large role pertaining to who a person is and how that person’s actions are interpreted by the culture they live in. To contain the context of what
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The attention in itself will also have a very large impact on how the affected person will view the world around them. While the disorder is taking its course, the person that has it will become out-casted and choose to deviate from the culture within their normal habitat. They choose not to be around others for fears that cannot easily be explained. The only way of understanding it is to say that the person is scared of what they think can manifest in their life. They do not know if the people around them will accept them, and have no control of what the voices they hear may be telling them. If pressured in certain situations, the person will snap and have no true control over their actions.
Jeffery S. Nevid is an accredited author, professor, director of psychology programs, editor, research conductor, and all around highly educated man who has dedicated most of his life to researching the different psychological aspects of daily life. He stated that; people who develop schizophrenia become increasingly disengaged from society. They fail to function in the expected roles of student, worker, or spouse, and their families and communities grow intolerant of their deviant behavior. Acute episodes of schizophrenia are characterized by delusions, hallucination, illogical thinking, incoherent speech and bizarre behavior. (Nevid 391)
This shows that anyone
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