Schizophrenia Article and Case Study

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! NOVEMBER 11, 2011 SCHIZOPHRENIA Can You See The Voices? By Natascha Schoepl A Battle Against Himself CONNECTICUT - Ken Steele has heard voices most of his life. He was 14 years old when he started having auditory hallucinations. These voices commanded him to hurt himself and they were predicting his death. "Hang yourself," the voices told him. "The world will be better off. You 're no good, no good at all." The voices got louder and louder everyday and he was no longer in control of his life. They were. Ken’s behavior unexpectedly changed and Ken’s parents grew worried. No one was aware of what has happening. They took him to the family doctor, who announced that Ken had schizophrenia. Ken Steele at the age of 14 Subsequently,…show more content…
phrenia and finally "I vowed that I would use my overcame it. own voice, in whatever ways I His decould, to make life better for Ken Steele’s Autobiography: myself and others who struggle, sire was: "I The Day the Voices Stopped have a vision each day, to survive schizophrenia, and other devastating that goes like this: In a new century, mentally diseases of the mind. I would ill people will have the science, listen to, and learn from, the voices of other mentally ill peo- the organized voting strength, and the means to leave our ple and their families. Working ghettos of isolation behind us. together, we could make a difWe will finally join with the ference. And we would be mainstream community, where heard." we 'll be able to live as indeHe kept that promise. Ken was pendent individuals and not as a group of people who are the editor of a mental health magazine called “New York City known and feared by the names Voices: A Consumer Journal for of our illness." Ken Steele was a great Mental Health”. The newsletter activist, in addition, being motinot only informs the readers vated, intelligent, an astounding about political issues but also leader and above all…couraprints individual stories about geous. recovery and empowerment. "I strongly believe that recovery and empowerment are Gaining Power Over the Voices
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