Schizophrenia In The Film: A Beautiful Mind

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Around the world, only 1% of the population is diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is defined as a long-term mental disorder which affects emotion, behavior, and perception. Which leads to self withdrawal from society and the formation of fictitious relationships. The movie I watched was A Beautiful Mind. In this movie, the main character- John Nash- battles against schizophrenia. John Nash was a young mathematical genius, who attended the prestigious Princeton University. While making large strides in his field, Nash began developing signs of schizophrenia. While working at the University, Nash developed fictitious friends, as well as a fictitious job. Nash believed these events to be true until his wife and coworkers at the university informed him. Despite his diagnosis and rigorous treatment, he continued to keep fighting it and tried to find his place in society. Typically, schizophrenia becomes present between ages 16 and 30 and symptoms are categorized into three categories; positive, negative and cognitive. Positive deals with psychotic episodes and a retreat from…show more content…
This was a perfect example of the psychological disorder schizophrenia. Although, each person with the disorder differs in type of symptoms and intensity of symptoms, John Nash is a perfect example of a severe case, as well as the capability of the human mind to overcome this disorder. We briefly discussed psychological disorders during our Neuroscience and Brain unit in class. This movie provided a good display of schizophrenia and taught me new information that we weren't able to cover. Each psychological disorder is different and each brain differentiates with the capability of with dealing with them. In the end, John Nash was able to overcome his symptoms and settle down. He continued to pursue mathematics and had a family. His wife stuck with him during the lowest points and raised two children
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