Schizophrenia Is A Severe Mental Disease Where The Individual

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Schizophrenia is a severe mental disease where the individual suffers from symptoms such as incoherent speech and thinking, abnormal behavior, and problems with emotional expressiveness. It is a Greek word meaning “split mind” and was first coined by a German psychiatrist, Emil Kraepelind who called it Schizophrenia dementia paradox. There are different ways to characterize the different types of Schizophrenia that exist. It can either be characterized as being divided into two types of Schizophrenia or as four types of Schizophrenia. When Schizophrenia is divided into two types, it can either be Nuclear Schizophrenia or Process Schizophrenia. When Schizophrenia is divided into the four types, it can be divided into hebephrenic type,…show more content…
The voices that these people hear are taken seriously by the patients and it becomes part of their world. While hallucinations are only common to two types of Schizophrenia, the disordered thinking and thought process is common to all four types of Schizophrenia. Problems with thought processes are diagnosed primarily when people with Schizophrenia are put under pressure and make them feel anxious. Schizophrenia in a person is not always just one of the four types. It can be a mixture of two types of Schizophrenia, where a patient will have symptoms which are representative of both types of Schizophrenia. A patient is more likely to have the two types of Schizophrenia in the early phase, compared to the later phases. In some cases, individuals may have a certain type of Schizophrenia along with another mental disease. In such cases, the patient has the symptoms common to both the diseases. People who have a type of Schizophrenia along with another mental illness are given the name patients with the schizo-affective type of Schizophrenia (Encyclopedia Britannica). Schizophrenia occurs worldwide and is more common in urban environments compared to rural environments. Even though Schizophrenia has no cure as of now, treatments are available to alleviate the symptoms associated with Schizophrenia. The exact cause of Schizophrenia is unknown and there are many hypotheses present,
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