Schizophrenia Is A Very Serious Mental Disorder

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Schizophrenia’s Reality Danielle Kelly PSY630: Psychopharmacology Instructor T. Cox May 30, 2016 Schizophrenia’s Reality Schizophrenia is a very serious mental disorder. This disorder affects many people across the world as it does not matter an individual’s age, race, and their economic levels. An individual’s personality is distorted and they can lose their sense of reality where the individual has an unclear thought process, false beliefs, or even hearing voices. There have been mental disorders that add on to schizophrenia where the individual develops substance abuse, experience depression, and has an anxiety disorder and among other symptoms. Treatment for schizophrenia has come a long way in…show more content…
According to text it states that “higher blood levels of drugs may elicit agitation, impulsiveness, anxiety, suspiciousness or outright paranoia, and a toxic, paranoid psychosis, which is indistinguishable from true paranoid schizophrenia” (Advokat, Comaty, and Julien, 2014). Behaviors are portrayed by how the patient thinks or fears of what might happen next. This can make their social relationships to become hindered as others cannot understand the actions from the individual and why they feel the way they feel. Schizophrenia patient’s common symptoms are delusions, hallucinations, and odd behaviors, disorganized speech patterns, and have a decrease with their emotional expressions. If an individual is left untreated it can be fatal to their health or others around them. According to research it states that schizophrenia left untreated “can result in severe emotional, behavioral and health problems that can be associated with such as suicide, any types of self-injury, anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, social isolation, aggressive behavior, and many more symptoms” (Mayo Clinic, 2016). Many patients with schizophrenia will experience anger, guilt, sorrow and many more emotions. The psychiatric disorder of schizophrenia involves multiple structural disturbances in the brain. Within the brain, schizophrenia affects the frontal and temporal lobes that show the
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