Schizophrenia Is The Most Common Mental Illness

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Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe disorder which is equal in both Men and Women and affects one percent of the worlds population, it is the most common mental illness (Carlson 2014). Schizophrenia is the suffering from a split mind which can start at a very early age and remain as a lifelong disease. (Tsuang 1982) In the UK currently 250,000 people are suffering from Schizophrenia. (Crow 1991) There are several symptoms which are found in Schizophrenics which are characterised by positive, negative and cognitive symptoms. However some people may differ differently due to their diagnosis of Schizophrenia. Some individuals may show all the symptoms listed, whereas others may only display a small number of them. (Jones et al.) In addition, the description of the symptoms of Schizophrenics indicates that the disorder has been around for thousands of years. (Jeste et al.1985). According to the Biological approach, Schizophrenia occurs due to brain abnormalities which involves the absence of normal behaviour. Although, due to Schizophrenia being strongly genetic and heritable, the presence of unusual behaviour may be due to underlying biological factors. (Carlson 2014) The main types of biological treatments available for Schizophrenia are Electro convulsive therapy (ECT) and Psychosurgery, however there are other drugs therapies available for Schizophrenia. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was developed in the 1930s and is the most effective treatment for Schizophrenia.
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