Schizophrenia- Mental Disorder

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It was in the middle of his sophomore year when Ron Oelberg, my uncle, had the mental breakdown that forever changed his life. On an early, extremely cold winter morning in northern Iowa, Ron walked out of the farm house in only his underwear, through the large cornfield, and down to the Yellow River that was frozen over with a thin layer of ice. Luckily, his parents caught him in time before he had fallen through the thin ice. Ron was soon rushed to a mental institution where he was observed by psychiatrists that later diagnosed him with disorganized schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a severe chronic mental disorder that causes people to live in an alternate “universe” inside of his or her head. There are different types of schizophrenia …show more content…
The next type of schizophrenia is the disorganized type. A person who has this type suffers from the “flat affect,” hallucinations, and mannerisms that repeat themselves. They also are incoherent, or they cannot understand things very well (“Schizophrenia”). My Uncle Ron is a disorganized schizophrenic, and the symptoms that are most noticeable are the repetitive mannerisms and incoherence. He has a rocking chair, and when he sits down in it, he sways back and forth constantly and does so for hours on end. He also fumbles around with his hands, slides his right hand through his hair, and he also drinks a lot of water which can be considered a repetitive mannerism. Another aspect that is unique to his disorder is that he talks about past events and keeps talking about them as long as he is involved in that conversation. Unusually, Ron has an outstanding memory, and he can recall almost every storm, minor or major, from almost all fifty years he has been alive, so he talks about those as well.
Another type of schizophrenia is the undifferentiated type. A person who suffers from this type may have symptoms from all of the other four types, such as hallucinations, anger, anxiety, or disorganized thoughts and speech. The final type of schizophrenia is the residual type. This is when a person has had the mental illness and it has regressed, but the person still suffers from minor symptoms such as hallucinations or the flat affect (“Schizophrenia”).
Diagnosing schizophrenia
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