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Life altering stressors in an individual’s life are frightening. Stressors are varied and, often, unpredictable. Obtaining medical treatment for a physical illness brings hope and perseverance in the fight for health. Losing a job with health insurance and benefits is overwhelming; however, an independent functioning person, with adequate personal and community resources, begins applying for new employment or career change. Enjoyment of life hobbies and interests will be limited, but basic needs are met and health care obtained. However, there are those who have great difficulty obtaining resources for maintaining basic needs. Persons with mental illness, those who are homeless, pregnant teens, or substance abusers are individuals of the…show more content…
It is difficult for a person with Schizophrenia to process information logically and apply it to problem solving. These people are often paranoid of others and cannot manage their emotions. Beebe (2007) states that “the symptoms of the disease negatively affect their social functioning, which may result in isolation and lack of social support” (p. 35). In addition, Beebe (2007) cites there is a lack of access to treatment within the community. Due to the psychotic nature of the illness, Schizophrenics question their actual need for medical treatment. This mental illness is often misunderstood by society. The media portrays the Schizophrenic as having a ‘split personality’ and violent; often attacking people without provocation. Thomicroft, Brohan, Rose, Sartorius, and Reese (2009) state that “people with Schizophrenia experience stigma caused by other people’s lack of knowledge, attitudes, and behavior; this leads to impoverishment, social marginalism, and low quality of life” (p. 408). In addition, the study conducted by Thomicroft, Brohan, Rose, Sartorius, and Reese (2009) highlight the stigma as causing rejection and avoidance resulting in low rates of help seeking behaviors, lack of access to psychiatric and medical care, under treatment, and material poverty. Beebe (2007) states “the basic goal of psychosocial treatments is to improve individuals’ coping resources and system supports to protect them

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