Schizophrenia Skit Analysis

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Schizophrenia Skit for Psychological Disorder and Treatment Group Presentation Project Roles for skit: Claudia-psychologist Edgardo-father Monica-mother Julie-17 year junior in high school, patient with paranoid schizophrenia Claudia: Hi, welcome. I am Dr. Ramos. Monica: Hello, it is nice to meet you. My name is Monica, and this is my husband Edgardo. Julie can you introduce yourself? (Edgardo and Monica look to me, both have concerned expressions on their faces. Julie does not respond. She has a blank look on her face.) Claudia: What caused you to come to my office? Edgardo: The first time something happened was two weeks ago. She started having a panic attack when I was teaching her to drive, she started seeing things and talking to imaginary people. We pulled over, and I was shocked that she was still using drugs, because we had a talked about how to get her to quit. I called an ambulance and we went to the hospital. I thought she had stopped using cocaine. Doctors gave us more information about how to help her get off drugs. Julie: Hi my name is Julie. I am seventeen years old. I am a junior in high school. I am sick. (It is obvious it is difficult for me to introduce myself. I start to mutter to myself, completely unaware of where I am, after this brief moment of clarity.) Monica: All of a sudden she started screaming when we were at the mall yesterday. We did not know why. We went back to the hospital where they ran tests on her. Eventually, they diagnosed her with a psychological disorder. It was very disturbing because when the doctor gave us the diagnosis, she was screaming at imaginary people. She kept saying her ex-boyfriend was coming to kill her because he found out what she did. She did not explain what she did. Julie: Make the voices stop. Please make the voices stop! I did not do anything wrong. I am sorry! Claudia: What caused her to start doing drugs? Edgardo: Last year she was mugged in a parking lot by her ex boyfriend. He beat her after she tried to escape from him. He was wearing a mask so she did not recognize him. She managed to fight back, and eventually removed his mask. She was terrified when she realized who mugged her. He ran away, and threatened that if she

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