Schizophrenic Paradigm

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Since I was a child, I have constantly been haunted by a culture where people would be judged upon their looks, how they present themselves to others, what experiences people might have had or what beliefs they may hold. I believe that this culture is similar to a paradigm which functions in a linear process so everything that fits within that cultural paradigm is either being labeled as “normal” or being sanctioned while everything that doesn’t fit inside is being denied, marginalised or argued against. These types of ordinary cultural behaviour, conformity, the fear of not fitting-in, the strive for perfection and this unsatisfying, ego-driven human condition are sources that I think burdens many people today. There is a great phobia in today’s…show more content…
For me, Polaroid photography or photography in general is a form of schizophrenia where I refer the term “schizophrenia” to the abnormality of being chaotic, broken and indifferent from everyone else. I further refer this schizophrenic-term to their abilities to dissolve boundaries which in turn enables them to discover new things. In my eyes, I see them as wanders who seems to be seeking for meaning in their wrongness, in their own self-created value system. All of the characteristic I mentioned above of being schizophrenic is about imperfection for which I can relate to myself where I swim in the same ocean as the schizophrenic people. I’m being out of control, a bit psychotic as a photographer in order to challenge my artistic frontiers yet embrace my state of being imperfectness of who I am. When looking at the technical part of my project I sense that that the Polaroid films do contain a sense of imperfection as well, whether it may be outdated or having expired films, the authenticity of the photos adds a further level of depth to the image and; the powerlessness, this slight broken and flawed results of the Polaroid enables me to accept the inevitability of pain and failure of life so that I can tranquillise the hurt and move toward serenity and the
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