Schlumberger Logistics Report

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INTL 1410 | March 172011 | From: Rene Sierra AcevedoTo: Prof. David Pastirick | Written Report |

Niagara College

This logistic report analyzes Schlumberger Ltd. performance as one of the leading oilfield services provider. This report also outlines Schlumberger main activities, financial status, operations and processes. It will also describe why this is an important company for a logistic class.
The supply chain in oil and gas consists of operators (oil companies), main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. In this order, while governments and companies investigate alternative sources, Oil and Gas companies are focused in finding new ways to develop and deploy technology to improve
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Schlumberger has added value to its operations by offering availability in places where the oil services are needed. They also are moving some of their sustainable R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and assembly to countries with possibly low cost of operations which coincidentally may also be where the market for their products & services are experiencing growth. Schlumberger’s closest competitors are Halliburton and Baker Hughes.
I remembered a former Colombian senator once said if these three companies vanished overnight, the world’s energy system would start to break down in a couple of days. His point of view was settled to clarify how important these companies have become in the oil and gas sector and how strong they are in the oil chain.
I also am absolutely convinced how well and fascinating it would be for someone to join one of these companies as a team member. They represent the kind of companies that also offer a permanent learning process in a friendly environment. Schlumberger is also noted in the petroleum industry for its decentralized management style and the autonomy the company extended to its field engineers.
Schlumberger has spread its service operations in a variety of ways. However, the company could be falling in its core company activity. Some critics are actually focused in the operation the company has in the geo seismic area. To attend this sector in 2003 the company bought the

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