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F.W.BATESON, GONE WITH 1978! “SCHOLAR –CRITIC” - ARCHAIC Submitted by, Annie Kantha.P , M.Phil English. Fredrick Wilse Bateson (1901 - 1978), an English literary scholar and critic, was born in Cheshire and educated at Chaterhouse and at Trinity College, Oxford. He is best remembered for his work of the post-war years. In 1951 he founded the critical journal Essays in Criticism and his other works include Words-Worth: A…show more content…
It is a system of norms of ideal concepts which are intersubjective. They must be assumed to exist in collective ideology, changing with it, accessible only through individual mental experiences, based on the sound - structure of its sentences. (54) Bateson’s criticism on Wellek seems partial, for he says the Sui generis is irrelevant and he says that the way in which the reality of a statue differs from that of other works of art is not clear. Bateson’s classification of literature is not fair in the age of deconstruction. The chapter “Works of Reference” is irrelevant in this age of information boom. Because of so many factors and the available facts, an observer is generally confused. The facts are too many that it is difficult to isolate them and we are also ill-equipped with tools to verify them. The past refers to definite and concrete information in the form of books, dictionaries, encyclopedia etc. But in the present reference material are constantly at a change. The present generation will not be able to follow Bateson’s “Works of Reference” because of variety of information in today’s digital globalized era. The research is already made. The idea of reference is in itself an illusive component in the age of reference. What we have researched yesterday will not be available today. If this is the case, the researcher will not be able to complete his research. The idea of reference has changed a lot and so it is
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