Scholar-Practitioner Model

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The understanding I gathered from the term scholar-practitioner is an individual that is knowledgeable, experienced, and self-motivation. One who is self-sufficient and completely committed to their practice. Their professional activities and the knowledge they develop are based on collaborative and relational learning through active exchange within communities of practice and scholarship. McClintock (2003) To me that means a scholar practitioner is one who gain knowledge in social situations. Doctoral programs encourage its members to develop in “passionate scholarship” often times by fostering a community of scholar-practitioners immersed in a caring culture. Herbert (2006) I think it’s a person who work with other scholars on their journey to achieve goals.…show more content…
They are still being educated and grasping their learning communities. I could be wrong but this the understanding I gathered from my research. Any classmate that has a better understanding then me feel free to help me understand. Most importantly I think they network with many other psychologists learning and networking to ensure reliable and valid
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