Scholarly Description Of Caring Concept

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SCHOLARLY DESCRIPTION OF CARING CONCEPT OR CARING CONCEPT Jean Watson’s theory has been a pioneer on new and old developments of holistic nursing that guide students, faculty, and practicing nurses with breakthroughs related to expanding consciousness research, notions of internationality, energetic healing, and new views of body, as well as spirituality through compassionate human service. Nursing is a privileged profession to understand the contrast between different societies and individuals. Nursing is unique in that it closely involved individuals and their personal events. Within each direct caring experience, between a nurse and his or her patient, is an opportunity for the nurse to reach a deeper level of self- understanding through the experiences with his or her patient. “ The whole caring-healing consciousness is contained within a single caring-healing moment” (Barry, Gordon, & King, 2015, p.47). The vulnerability of a patient in a caring experience allows deeper levels to be reached in both the nurse and his or her patient than in normal circumstances. The value of caring experience lies on care coordination and communication. Nursing theory has served as a framework for inquiry that has allowed the profession to create its own body of knowledge. Before learning about this theory, we have focused the bulk of the profession in mastering technical skills. After learning about this theory, I actively explore ethical and holistic care by
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