Scholarly Empirical Articles On Leadership

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Synthesis Paper
The objective of this paper is to analyze three scholarly empirical articles on Leadership. Generally Leadership is the ability to influence peoples toward their achievement of objectives. A number of papers have been written on various aspects of Leadership. The focus of this paper would show a synthesis of three scholarly works on the topic of Leadership. The first article to be analyzed is of “Impact of Personal Growth Projects on Leadership Identity Development” by Odom, Boyd, and Williams (2012) whose purpose was to discuss results from a qualitative research study involving the analysis of personal growth assignments in a personal education collegiate course. The second article examined, “Leadership Styles, and Associated Personality Traits: Support for the conceptualization of transactional and transformational Leadership” by Eeden, Cilliers, and Deventer (2008). This article empirically examined the elements of transformational leadership, transactional leadership, and passive leadership. This was an empirical study in a South African production company. The third article to be considered, “Fearless Dominance and the U.S. Presidency: Implications of Psychopathic Personality Traits for Successful and Unsuccessful Leadership” by Lilienfeld, Waldman, Landfield, Watts, Rubenzer, Faschingbauer, (2012). This article examined psychopathic traits of successful and unsuccessful U.S. Presidents.
Personal Growth Project:
Odom, Boyd, and Williams (2012)

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