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The article chosen for this Scholarly Journal Critique is “Physical activity and exercise after stoma surgery: overcoming the barriers” by Sarah Russell. The article discusses a survey and its finding. There were 2631 respondents participated in the survey “Living with a stoma, your experience” in 2016. This is one of the largest known surveys to date. The survey, in particular, looked at the physical activity and the quality of life from people living with stomas in the UK. The results, presented by Sarah Russell, emphasized a fear of exercise in patients after their stoma surgery. Physical activity after illness or surgery is important for rehabilitation, physical recovery, and mental wellbeing. Having abdominal surgery and the formation of a stoma could cause trauma to the anterior abdominal wall musculature. Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK (ASCN) national guidelines (ASCN, 2016) recommend that patients should exercise their abdominal and core muscles appropriately to reduce the risks of developing…show more content…
For demographics, more women than men responded to the survey. Also, the main reason for stoma surgery was ulcerative colitis, followed by colorectal cancer, and Crohn’s disease. For general physical activity, 37% people reported that their activeness are “about the same” as they were before the surgery; however, 19.5% said they are “much less active” and 18.8% responded “little less active.” Although other reasons contributed to the lack of physical activity after the surgery, this finding is significant because it indicated that people were afraid to exercise because they could develop hernia. For age groups, younger patients tend to be more active than older people; thus, their quality of life improved. Although stoma patients, overall, are much less active after surgery, physical activity level in cancer survivors is even
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