Scholarly Writing Skill Reflection Essay

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Scholarly Writing Skill Reflection

University of Phoenix SEM/700R Dr. Kimberly Lowrey

Scholarly Writing Skill Reflection One of the most important ideas that occurs to me when I consider my ability to be a successful doctoral student relates to my capacity to write compelling papers that are supported by critical thinking skills and credible sources. In order to ensure that I move forward with a building a good foundation, I must identify my strengths and weaknesses, use resources as a means of support and guidance, and incorporate feedback when trying to improve my output. I believe that if I incorporate these ideas into
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The resources in the “New Classroom”, specifically in the “University Library”, will help me format my work properly and find credible resources to support my writings. The user-friendly format of the “new classroom” lends itself to helping students feel more capable of achieving. Every resource is easy to find, well-formatted, and relevant.
Peer and Facilitator Feedback
Another source of support for me will be interaction with my classmates in the “classroom”, who can help me by sharing their feedback and constructive criticism. I believe in peer interaction because we are probably all like-minded in the way that we want to be better students. To that end, helping each other identify opportunities for growth would be very helpful. As facilitators grade my assignments and provide feedback, I will try to refrain from taking it personally. It is easy to get discouraged as students when we do not receive the grades we expect, but it is even harder in the future if we do not use the criticism as motivation. I will take my criticism, whether good or bad, and turn it into an opportunity to do better.
Ultimately, I want to feel like I have grown as a professional, a student, a writer, and a leader when I complete my program. I do not want to look back and see how I got in my own way of success. Instead, I want to look back and marvel at how much I grew and be proud. I feel
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