Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Sexuality: A Comparative Analysis of Two Articles

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popular media focus on sexuality

(Step 1): The scholarly article, "The politics of masculinity and the ex-gay movement" focused on the efficacy of sexual conversion therapy and the cultural forces that surround it (Robinson, Spivey, 2007). Sexual conversion therapy involves a patient who attempts to change their sexual orientation through psychotherapy. Most commonly, conversion therapy involves a homosexual male who attempts to convert to heterosexuality. The authors hypothesized that sexual conversion therapy related to a heteronormative cultural worldview, and their findings indicated that this was the case. However, the result of the study found that sexual conversion therapy reflects an even narrower cultural worldview, one that is controlled by the Christian Right and that is also discriminatory against feminists. Conversion therapy is also motivated by a belief that gender is socially determined. The methodology of the article involved a comprehensive review of the extant literature on the subject, as well as a review of data and articles authored by individuals on both the ex-gay side (those who support conversion therapy) and the camp of people who oppose conversion therapy. The article begins with a long overview of the discourse surrounding both conversion therapy and homosexuality in the United States, beginning with the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973. Through a review of all of the data, the two authors then…
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