Scholars' Views of Prostitution and Its Causes

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Prostitution Prostitution can be defined a practice or act of engagement in promiscuous sexual activities or relations in exchange for immediate payment that can take the form of money or other valuables. These acts are usually with individuals who are not one's spouse or friend. The provision of sexual favors so that one can get financial rewards has been institutionalized and taken the form of prostitution in most societies. Prostitution involves both men and women and may engage in homosexual or heterosexual activities ( HYPERLINK "" Farlex, Inc., (2013). Historically prostitution has been done mostly by females with male clients and male prostitution is uncommon especially when it comes to male clients. Prostitution is a very old phenomenon that is universally known and the condemnation of prostitutes is done by everyone but it is relatively indifferent when it comes to the client. Attitudes towards prostitutes vary as well as the legal approaches. Focus by scholars shifted from a moral view towards the multitude ills that arise from the sex trade including infections and drug trafficking and towards issues of power and gender especially when viewed from a feminist perspective. Scholars views of prostitution and its causes Issues of prostitution have received a considerable amount of attention but there is little or no focus on those that are surrounding the patronage of prostitution. Scholars have studied various aspects of prostitution such
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