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Question 1: Special circumstances that affect your family's ability to fund your college expenses.
A maximum of six 80-character lines will be sent.

My father is going to retire in some years and my mother is a house wife. They both have invested in their house heavily therefore these reasons might affect my family’s ability to fund my college tuition.
Although I am well financially covered, I would be taking a loan to take care of the expenses for my Master’s program as I do not want to burden my parents financially.

Question 2: Why This University
Why have you chosen to apply to Texas A&M University?
A maximum of two 80-character lines will be sent.

I always wanted to research into energy efficiency of systems. I have
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I try to be at pace with the happenings around the world in the field of utilities and renewable energy systems. I am also presently writing a blog on solar power and energy efficiency in buildings ( With the support of my peers and mentors, I have decided to pursue my dream of doing research in energy efficiency of utilities. I believe that with my passion and curiosity about the field, I would indeed take up much
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