Scholarships To Achieve My Educational Goals

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The opportunity of scholarships would help me achieve my goals of going into education by lightening the financial burden school has put me under. Work and school consume most of my week but any extra time is donated to COS young republican club and donating blood. I am the first in my family to attend college, I strive to do better for myself than what I was born into. A scholarship would help me postpone student loans for as long as possible and allow me to earn my teaching credentials.

My current education goals are to earn my bachelor's degree to begin teaching at an elementary school level. My education wouldn't stop there, I would continue to attend school to work towards my masters degree to teach at a college level. My dream is to teach history and to create a love for it in my students.
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I put in time and effort for College of the Sequoias young republicans club to support my city and my political party. Because of work and school I can't put in as much time as I would like so, I also donate blood as often as possible.

As a young child I was surrounded by substance abuse, violence, and poor life choices that put me in foster care. My mom worked hard to save me from those situations and now I work hard everyday to build a better life for myself. As the first person in my family to attend college my goal is not just to graduate at the top of my class but to move past them and achieve my life's ambition to become a teacher; not held back by my family situation.

All things considered, my need for a scholarship is high. A scholarship would allow me to focus on school rather than on making ends meet; enabling me to get through school at a quicker pace, ultimately attaining my goal of
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