Schonberger Case Essay

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Schonberger Case #1: HyGain-Telex: Analysis for JIT Production Company Objective "The HyGain-Telex plan in Lincoln, Nebraska, manufactures antennas. It currently has an U.S. Army contract for Model X32 antennas. The contract requires a production rate of two hundred Model X32s per day. The contract quantity may be changed quarterly." Manufacture of the X32 Analysis of the manufacture of the X32 concentrates on the base, which is a cylinder 6 inches in diameter and 10 inches high (see diagram on page 2). Manufacturing of the base occurs in several stages. Step # Function Time (min) 1 Holes are molded into the base by use of core plugs 2.50 2.1 A dozen more holes are drilled then half of them are tapped 0.12 to 1.02 2.2 The…show more content…
Drilled and tapped based were forwarded to assembly by forklift truck, in wire-bound pallets holding bout 400 bases. This requires five forklift trips to move on "packet-release" quantity to assembly. (See question 1) The process speed to sales rate is approximately 7 weeks to 1 X32 (7 weeks to 1 unit). This is based on the average identified by applying tap to the based of various X32 over a period of two weeks. However, the quantity requested by the customer can vary according to the month. The pieces to work stations or to operator in the production line or line segment is 2000 to 15 or 400 to 3 based on 15 direct labor employees. (See question 2) Problems The following information was identified during a meeting to "brainstorm what can and maybe can't be done to reduce WIP and flow time". · The drill press requires no setup time; it is a dedicated tool. · The drill press is fine but tapping head with spindles in the tapes were problems. This impacts manufacturing by an estimated 5 hours a month. · Assembly "sometimes" had to wait for bases. This impacted manufacturing by an
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