School A Case Study 1

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Introduction: School A is an elementary school that educates about 650 students and 50 staff members. The educational institution is procuring a Learning Management System (LMS) to integrate three current systems that staff currently use for professional development and assessment/grading purposes. The second goal of selecting an LMS is to begin to implement a blended learning curriculum in which the LMS is will be the main learning portal and give students access to content, assessments, grades, communication to both peers and the teacher. Parents will also have access to the LMS for these purposes. A front-end analysis was completed and a strategy has been implemented to select an LMS. The purpose of this paper will be to complete a…show more content…
(Totara Learning Solutions, 2017) During the front-end needs analysis it was determined that School A intended on merging three management systems, one that was used to track student assessment and progress, the other to provide professional development and the third to track and report professional development. Based on the research conducted on Totara, developers are capable of integrating these needs into one system. Totara’s partners are also on hand to help with integration and training needs while implementing the new system. This is a plus as staff were concerned with an increase of time and workload during this transition. Software Advice also provides many reviews from clients of Totara which rate customer support, ease-of-use, functionality, quality and cost at 4-5 stars. (2017) Weaknesses: Initially, it was determined that Totara’s weaknesses align with the concerns of the committee of implementing an LMS at an elementary level. It was noted that these young learners in a blended environment may struggle and would benefit from having talk to text or read to me features within the platform. Totara does not currently provide these features but could be challenged to have developers produce them. Another weakness noted is privacy concerns related to a cloud based system. One of the challenges of open-access is the vulnerability to hackers. (Chichernea & Smedescu, 2016) Opportunities: Throughout the history of
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