School Admission Requirements For College Admission Requirement

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Andrew Shue once said, “Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. one graduate from college once, and that 's it. one 're going out of that nest.” Majority of students want to attend college but are hesitant. How can they get graduate from college that one time if they are never given the opportunity. Prohibited, whether because of grades or the cost, they still have an obstacle that stops them from attending. Some feel that students were not able to attend college because of ACT and SAT scores. Colleges are considering changing the college admission requirement. This means not looking at standardized test scores. Studies show that the test is biased towards a specific demographic group and race. Requirements for college admission should be used fair to everyone and at the same level of education. Although the ACT and SAT have been used to determine if majority of students get accepted into college, but because it shows that test are bias towards a certain demographic group it’s being considered that they should be discontinued. Dropping the requirement for sending in ACT or SAT scores would help save some of the money spent directly out of pocket by students. Studies show that those who are applying for college are having to spend money directly out of their or their parents pockets to prep for taking the test. Money to pay for tuition has to be saved up to prevent getting in student loan debt that will take years to pay off. Then it should

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