School And Community Context : Westchester Hill School 29 Essay

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School and Community Context Westchester Hill School 29 is an integrated public school from pre-K to 8th grade. Westchester Hill School serves students from a variety cultural diversity and racial backgrounds. The student population is very diverse .The demographics include 9% Asian students, 28% Black students, 44 % Hispanic students, 16% White students, 2% Two or more races. The school consisted with 93% of ELA and English Language learner with 7%, and 30 % of their student‘s population are inclusive or focus learner‘s students with 2% of ESL students overall. Student/Classroom Context A second grade‘s classroom allow a total of eighteen students’ per pupitre. Fifteen’ are regular ELA,s students and three focus learner ‘s students. There is two student the receive support for ESL from teachers. There is a second grade teacher working in collaboration with a special Ed ‘teacher. Availability of instructional technology and other relevant resources The classroom can accommodate children with specific special needs, each students have they own desk Each exclusive student have access to a especial electronic devices that allow the communication between teacher and others students, the student participate 100% of the time to accomplish with their curriculum, generals student also have access to laptops and iPad for classroom work or other activities. These devices are only use during in class assignments, or activities such games, creativity, phonetics sound, graphics and

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