School And Community Wellness Programs

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Disabilities are an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. People with disability find it very hard to do certain things on their own especially with their daily activities. People often associate person with disabilities to be singer or artists, which does not necessarily keep persons with disabilities in that category. Being disabled is something nobody can decided for themselves; therefore persons with disabilities also have the rights and are to be treated same way a person who is not disabled would be treated. School and community wellness programs are particularly important as many children and adolescents do not learn or are not exposed to healthy behaviors at home. Music has the potential to enhance all areas of wellness programs for students with and without disabilities; however, students with disabilities often face barriers to wellness programs that are environmental, structural, or attitudinal. Disability need not preclude any student from acquiring healthy behaviors and habits. Wellness programs that include accessible program materials, adaptive equipment, and trained personnel have the potential to meet the health needs of many students with disabilities. Music educators and therapists can contribute to the development of healthy behaviors and habits by including activities in their curriculum that are directed to that goal. Using music as a motivator or reward for healthy behaviors, or as a vehicle to
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