School And Education Is Not Something That Happens Effortlessly

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School and education is not something that happens effortlessly or instantaneously. Regularly the road that steers the greatest knowledge for a student is paved with hours of struggle and mini-battles that had to be fought. My journey through education has attested to this because as much as I loved to help others understand I struggled to ascertain these basic concepts myself. I started out behind, unable to grasp how to fold my tongue properly doing the basic task of speaking until age five. At the commencement of elementary school, I was already behind and frustrated with learning everything at once, but not being connected to each other was a nonstop hurricane. Every time I felt I had grasped one concept here would be this 50-foot wave…show more content…
The goal is to use this relationship between the different subjects to build a stronger comprehension of these concepts making them more practical to their life. In application, a lesson involving math on how to calculate taxes and interest can be combined with the history of medieval time. Students can be given different classes and they would then see how tax rate change based on the class they were assigned if those tax rate still gave them a livable form of income. Having the students do a journal afterwards reflecting on the experience about what they learned would also and English Language Art skills as well. It is easy to expand an activity like this to the current tax system adding in that real-world life skill. Using a lesson like this again makes these concepts students are learning more relevant to their life engaging as another way to engage them in a lesson. Not to mention using interdisciplinary method in teaching is a fantastic means of incorporating the arts back into education. Often in a classroom the arts are the first subjects on the cutting board, but statistic conducted by College Board demonstrates the more art education is integrated into their education the higher their SAT and ACT score are (2005). The interdisciplinary education whether it is with math, art, science, dance, English Language Arts, etc. is that it is connecting multiple concepts
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