School Anti Bullying Programs Are Not Effective Enough At Preventing Bullying

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Bullying is the unwanted aggressive discrimination that mostly happens in middle school. Children who get bullied are always bullied because of race, religion, physical disability or sexual orientation. Bullies mostly are children who are being abused at home or they are delinquent. School anti-bullying programs are getting expensive and schools are backing out. Some programs deliver the wrong idea for children. Most anti-bullying school programs are refusing to protect LGBT students who get bullied, and they are the highest range of students who get bullied in the US nowadays. Even with the No Child Left Behind law has passed, anti-bullying school programs still refuse to protect those students. School anti-bullying programs are not effective enough at preventing bullying. With all the supplies the schools need to stop bullying, anti-bullying programs are getting overpriced. So a lot of schools do not have anti-bullying programs because they can’t afford it. “But solutions can be costly. After the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights went into effect, 88 percent of school business administrators who responded to the School Boards Association survey said their districts were spending more money because of the rules”( Amanda Oglesby). After the Anti-Bullying Bill Of Rights was passed schools in New Jersey were forced to have anti-bullying programs but they spend a lot of money on it. This makes it seem that anti-bullying programs are not there to stop bullying but to have the money
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