School Attendance Laws And Instructional Issues

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This chapter examines and explains the role state government has in educating children. There are legal mandates implemented by the state associated with school attendance and instructional issues. These legal mandates are being challenged by individual interests and rights so that parents have more say in the implementation of school attendance laws and instructional issues pertaining to their child 's education. The state is in charge of setting mandates on the different educational activities only if the mandates do not infringe on the protected rights of both parents and students. If school attendance and instructional issues set by the state are challenged by individual interests, then exceptions should be made to the legal mandate.…show more content…
I believe the state, since it has legislation for every state citizen to grant a free public education, should provide reasonable laws that govern education. These reasonable laws, I agree, should have exceptions attached to meet the needs of individuals. One law does not always work for the masses. Just like one type of educational system does not always satisfy everyone. Parents who do not agree with the regulations that govern school attendance or instructional issues in a public school can choose to have their children educated in a place where their own interests are met. Although the state has a powerful voice in education, individuals I believe have the last say. Just look at the court cases addressing the individual interests in questioning the constitutional rights of citizens pertaining to education. School attendance is a mandated by the state, however, exceptions are accepted. The state presents health issues pertaining to education. For example, the state can request that before entering the public school system, a student should be vaccinated for certain health issues. The students’ attendance is based on their vaccination. However, the state cannot force parents to vaccinate their children. For whatever the reason, a parent has the right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate his or her child. I agree with the state that children should be vaccinated if it affects the school population. Safety for all students should be a
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