School Banning Research Paper

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To the School Administrator: Let me begin by expressing my thanks for your banning every social outlet, every “vidya gaem” website, and every other form of joy that may come upon our loved children. That much is a clear necessity; after all, those who enjoy life are known to be deviants who would oppose such noble institutions as the NSA. Despite that, I must also admonish you. Being the narrow-minded, middle-aged man that I am, I cannot help but feel that all forms of innovation and change are very frightening things. Though you have taken the initial steps, there are too many other pointless entities in the world that you still allow. A frightening development in recent times is a mysterious technology known only as the “interweb”. Not only does it hurt my head; it is also untraditional. Here’s a fact I did not know until very recently: our parents and grandparents did NOT have the…show more content…
I will receive criticism for it, but it is something that must be said. Writing and literature are the devil’s spawn. When my ancestors first heard of writing, they mocked it, and I choose to do the same. Many others surely must have been thinking something similar; after all, writing was completely different from the norm at the time; writing changed too much. Writing was scary then and it still is now. Now, I know that you have many classes partially related to writing in your catalog. You do not need to remove them, only slightly modify them. Did you know the ancient Americans told stories orally, and only used the power of memories to retell them? American society was the basis of all modern culture; we cannot deny that anything they did must be great. Similar to the Americans, students can do math mentally and remember their sagas. The process is as simple as removing all writing utensils and paper from the general area. For the sake of the children, please
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