School Based Management of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School

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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Region X Division of Gingoog City GINGOOG CITY COMPREHENSIVE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Gingoog City A Narrative Report on the Best Practices of School Based Management From 2007-2010 at Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School, Gingoog City I- Introduction In the recent years, there has been a growing international trend toward decentralization, devolution , and greater autonomy for schools in the public education system, with the goal of improving the quality education ( Beare and Boyd 1993; Moon 1996). Current arguments regarding changes in school governance and management aim in this direction although they travel under a variety of names. Such policy reformation is known as…show more content…
II- Profile of the Respondents Based on the research, the researcher’s respondents in GCCNHS were shown on the table below. These respondents answered the researcher-made questionnaires as a main tool of gathering the data. There were 5 sets of questionnaires answered by the respondents below. The first part was the profile of the respondents. The second part was the assessment of School –Based Management Practices in terms of School Leadership, Internal Stakeholders Participation, External Stakeholder Participation, School Improvement Process, School Based Resources and School Performance Accountability. The third part was the level of School Improvement with the following indicators: School Achievement, Faculty Development , Physical Development and Fiscal Management. Table 1- Respondents Respondents | No. of Respondents | School Administrator | 1 | Department Heads | 8 | Teachers | 55 | Students | 246 fourth year students who enrolled from First Year to fourth year. | Parents | 250- parents of the 4th year students | External Stakeholders | 12- Barangay officials | Total | 572 | II- Results of the Research Table 2: Level of Assessment of SBM Practices in 2007-2010 at GCCNHS School BasedManagement Practices | 2007 | 2010 | | MEAN | Descriptive Equivalent | MEAN | DescriptiveEquivalent | Leadership | 4.05 | Well Implemented | 4.36 | Very Well

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