School Board Issue Analysis : Providing A Free Education

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School Board Issue Analysis
Providing a free education to students required enough resources. Public school offers the free education to students, to achieve their academic goal. The United States is dividing into low income, middle income and upper income society. Majority of low income and middle can’t afford a private school for their kid. There is when public school is available for those who can’t afford a private education to their kids. In the United States total public school are 98,817 and 4.9 million students that attend to public school. Public school is very important for a student’s development learning. For public school to function need enough resource to afford the best education opportunity to students. Public school received funds from the State and Federal that helps to provide resources to students. A budget cuts can impact a student’s academic success.
In the Pennsylvania state, many schools face a budget crisis, which is fear to think about it to close schools, and leave their mission incomplete. According with Dr. Mumin’s article, “Superintendents; forum: Budget crisis many force some school districts to shut down” state, “the lingering days of not having a fully funded formula is causing great anxiety and paranoia across the commonwealth from school districts not having enough funds to pay bills and make payroll, which could result in a shutdown in the near future” (3). School districts want an answer to their prayer on the funding amount. The…
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