School Board Meeting At 120 East Walnut Street

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School Board Meeting
Connection to Research
I attended the IPS school board meeting on February 23, 2016 at 6pm. The meeting took place at 120 East Walnut Street. There was about 60-70 people there. There were people who was helping to conduct the meeting. They also had tables set up close to the front to where people were sitting. They also had rows for anyone who wanted to listen to the meeting. Police officers were also by the door. There were a variety of topics discussed last night. The topics that was discussed were bus tracking, increasing teacher’s salary, treatment of black kids and segregation in education, shortage of teachers and kids acting out, a group of parent’s helping improve reading scores, and a new system called naviance.
Observation and analysis
The topics was discussed as audience input I think. They let anyone who wanted to come up to the front, and speak on their ideas present it to the board. Each speaker also presented their idea to the audience. Every speaker had two minutes to say what they wanted, and that was it. This is why I think it was an audience input situation. However, I don’t feel like the audience said a lot of comments about the topics. It was just the board who said any comments about the ideas. One of the topics that was discussed was bus tracking. A speaker went up to the front, and presented her idea of having a bus tracking app in hopes that it will be beneficial for students and parents. However, she was out of time before we…
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