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School Board Meeting

I recently viewed a taping of a school board meeting. This school board meeting was in the Waterloo Community School District. The meeting was held in the board room at the Education Service Center. This center is located at 1516 Washington Street in Waterloo, Iowa. The meeting was held on March 26, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. The board members that were present were Shanlee McNally, Sue Flynn, Andrea Sparks, and Lyle Schmitt. Also in attendance was President of the Board, Mike Young, Vice-president, Bernice Richard, Superintendent, Dr. Gary Norris, Executive Director of School & Community Relations/Board Secretary, Sharon Miller, Chief Financial Officer/Board Treasurer, Michael Coughlin, Assistant
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The items that generated the most discussion at this board meeting were the Food Service Software and Point of Sale Equipment. This item was about purchasing food service software from Infinite Campus for the amount of $70,489.00. Matt O’Brien, Director of Technology, provided all the information needed. The motion carried 6-0. Another item that took considerable time to discuss was the 2012-13 Budget Estimate and Publication. Mr. Michael Coughlin, Chief Financial Officer provided the information on budget expenditure estimates, the tax levy rate for publication. A public hearing was set for April 9, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. The motion carried 6-0. The third item that took considerable time was the Superintendent’s report. Dr. Norris thanked all of the public for attending tonight’s meeting. One of the first items talked about was the teacher’s concerns with the initiatives that are being put into place at a fast rate. He stated that these initiatives were being put into place with the best interest of the students. He encouraged all of the teachers to attend the meetings that will be held in the near future within the buildings that they work in and if anyone has something that they want to say, “Please feel free and comfortable to do so.” He reintegrated that all of the teachers ARE important and appreciated. One of the
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