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School Breakfast Programs There are many benefits and many possible drawbacks for the participation in a federal school breakfast program. The USDA sponsors the federal school breakfast program. The relationship between hunger and the ability to learn are very closely related. Of the many benefits to a school breakfast program, one includes the assurance that the children are eating a balanced meal during the school day. In turn researchers believe that eating a balanced healthy breakfast leads children in enhancing attention and alertness, energy and motivation, concentration and self-discipline (Ragno, 1994).

Research has also shown possible drawbacks the breakfast program may lead to. These possible drawbacks include
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In addition classrooms remain clean, students cooperate, and show leadership (American Teacher, 1998). Students cooperate and show leadership in being allowed to eat their breakfast in the classroom and clean up after themselves. For today’s families, time and energy are at a premium in the morning. School breakfast can help those with busy life styles an can also play a significant role in reducing a growing national problem – hunger (Neifert, 1993).

Students over the years have shown that breakfast can start a child’s day off right. Recent studies show that breakfast actually helps children learn better, they also show that eating a nutritious breakfast improves children’s performance on cognitive test especially involving memory.

Student’s performance increased when students ate breakfast.The teacher of a classroom studied, believed that student alertness and completion of tasks increased during the breakfast program. Additionally, the teacher reported that the students had more positive attitudes. (Devaney & Stuart, 1998, p.114)

A study done on preschool aged children and their nutrient intake and pre-academic performance, showed that when children were denied breakfast they displayed less accuracy on a variety of task that measure problem solving skills (Worobey & Worobey, 1999). These findings show that not only is awareness increased in students during the school day, but also assurance for
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